A typical daywith Flying Paradise

A typical day
with Flying Paradise

Around 9am, after a swim and breakfast (and the 200 pushups), we’ll have a look at the weather (internet and sky) and decide which site to go to.

We are usually in the minibus on our way between 9 and 10 am, depending on weather and pilot levels. At noon, we will have a picnic for lunch or a salad in a tavern (pilot's choice).

Our objective is always to reach the hotel, either directly or by doing a triangle, depending on the flying site, the conditions and the pilot experience. We will pick up pilots as many times as necessary and take them to the closest launch available – up to 3 times a day!

We are here to ensure your safety, to help you in anything you need, (install a speed bar, check your gear) but also – if you want to and if you are not a top pilot already, to help you improve your flying by looking at your take off, wing-over or guiding you by radio in thermal.

One of us is always flying and we regularly take pilots with us on our Classic XC routes. We use 10 sites and 14 launches, all very different from each other, each with his own style and charm. We will give you a briefing before each flight about the site, the weather conditions, what XC is possible on the day, etc. We are here to give you information with the purpose of increasing your safety level and your performance, not to give you headaches!

Every second evening the hotel prepares a meal for us at very correct price, but if you prefer you can eat at a nice tavern 300 meters from the hotel or in the village. The weeks are run without any plan, picking up activities and flying sites depending on weather and how people feel.

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