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Air travelIf you book your tickets early enough, especially with EasyJet, you can get tickets for less than £100. Aegean airlines have also good prices. Many of our customers are using travel agencies again who are now as competitive as the Internet, but more convenient and faster.

Luggage safety: If you have a stop on your flight, I suggest that you attach an extra contact sticker on your bags. I make them myself, stick my contact and flight number with tape on a plastic support that I attach with strong plastic link (rizlan, the one used by electricians).

Luggage cost: Airlines now sometimes charge us for extra luggage. The best way in my opinion, if you are on a budget, is to cheat.

Airport or train station transfersYou will be always picked up at the train station or at the airport if we have many customers, depending of arrival time and the number of pilots.

There is a direct train, right from the airport, to Korinthos (45 minutes from the hotel), where we will pick you up. This train is clean, on time and comfortable – all our customers appreciate it!

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Arrival time / departure time? The last train from airport leaves at 10.39 pm, so if your flight is later than 9.30 pm, you may need an airport transfer (see above). The first train arrives at the airport at 7.06, so if your flight is earlier than 8.30 you will need an airport transfer (see above)

Travel Insuranceif you need a travel insurance that includes paragliding, check Insure for Travel.

Car rentalCars are not necessary, but some people like to be independent, here is a good address: EconomyCarRentals.com.

Staying overnight in AthensIf you would like to spend a night in Athens, we've found a nice hotel near Acropolis, which gives 15% discount to our customers. Simply mention, when booking a room, that you are a Flying Paradise’s customers. www.panhotel.gr Tel: +30 210 32 37 816 (or 817)


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