Nonflyers & Other activitiesfrom Flying Paradise

Non-Flyers and other activities
from Flying Paradise

We have about 2 to 3 non-flying days a month. No sitting in front of the television for you though! We have many others activities to entertain you.

Non flyers
You will be staying in a beautiful location, with a stunning outlook, but we can further enhance your stay with the following:

By tradition each non-flyer can have a tandem flight free of charge (40 € participation for children, from 6 years old)

We have at your disposition free of charge the following:

  • 10 mountain bikes
  • 3 tandem canoes (for beginners or children)
  • 7 solo and 1 tandem kayaks (great fun but a bit more technical)
  • 10 snorkeling sets

The canoes are very stable and easy to use by everybody. You can take them to go to the undersea ruins and then use the snorkeling gear there.

The beach is right by the hotel, so they can spend most of the day in the sea, or play in the hotel grounds which are free from cars and very safe

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Places to visit
Twice a week we have a day trip, free of charge from 3 people.

Epidavros theatres:
There are 2 ancient amphitheatres, both still in use in the summer. One is 10 minute walk from the hotel can seat 1000 people and was discovered in the 80s. The second one is the most famous and is 15 minute drive through the mountains. It can seat 14000 people. There is nice field right next to it which we regularly use to land!

A very charming, old town, its flowered paved roads lead you to the steps (950) of Palamidi Castle. If you prefer you can enjoy the old town, do some shopping & meet us at the tavern later.

Hydra: (day trip):
A beautiful rare island, where the habitants refuse, to pave roads for cars. A place where, when the locals go to the continent to buy a fridge, they ask the weight first and not the price because it's going to be carried on a donkey!

Methana (day trip):
That’s actually more of a trek. About 2 hour walk, from one side to the island to the other side. We reach a summit from where we have a stunning view of the next two islands. It is possible to enter the volcanic tube, and see the awesome power of nature.

Ancient Corinth & citadel (day trip):
This is the biggest citadel in Greece. Situated at the highest point in the area, we can actually see 2 continents separated by man's work; the canal of Corinth that we will visit later that day. Below the citadel are the ruins of the ancient city of Corinth that we will visit and have a meal nearby.


Epidavros, Peloponnese




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